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Our Team

Brian Gomez

Vice President

Brian has always had a deep-rooted passion for business and entrepreneurship. This Southern California native with Colombian family decent, has over 10 years experience in the produce industry and has very quickly made a name for himself breaking into new international markets. The key to his success has been his ability to build solid and long lasting relationships with colleagues and clients, as well as his Spanish fluency which is credited through his Latin background. Brian has developed a strong understanding of the avocado category and continues to help his retailers grow their business by customizing individual programs and identifying their needs.

Favorite Quote: “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” -Vince Lombardi

mobile: (949) 386-0191

Dan Acevedo

Director of Business Development

Dan Acevedo was born in Southern California and has also established his career and family life there. He began his career at PepsiCo where he spent 14 years developing new accounts, then was promoted to account executive. As he advanced in his career he was recruited by Kellogg’s/Keebler where he assumed several roles where he later became the Operations Manager in the West. In 2002, Dan moved into the produce industry with Chiquita/Fresh Express, he lead their retail efforts in the western United States where he established strong and long lasting relationships. In 2008, Dan realized the potential growth in the avocado segment and brought his retail and sales expertise to a family owned avocado company where he received the title Business Development Director. Dan established the nickname "Avocado Man" in the industry because of his thorough knowledge of the fruit. While working at this company, Dan met Brian Gomez, Vice President of GreenFruit, and admired his drive, passion and desire to be the best in the industry and deliver superior customer service to all of his customers. With his retail and food service expertise, Dan Acevedo joins GreenFruit as Business Development & Marketing Director. He is thrilled to be a part of a fresh, new team at a company that has such a bright future ahead.

Favorite Quote: “We should never forget that we have the privilege to work for our customers” -Dan Acevedo

mobile: (626) 475-7895

Kraig Loomis

Sales & Marketing Manager

With over 18 years of experience, 16 of which was spent in retail as a Produce Clerk, Produce Manager, Produce Inspector, Produce Specialist, and Produce Buyer with companies including Kroger and Fresh & Easy. Loomis transitioned to the grower/shipper side of business as the Sales Manager for asparagus, wet veg, and varietal berries at Progressive Produce. In his new role at GreenFruit Avocados, Kraig will be responsible for building on the existing sales and marketing programs of GreenFruit and creating a culture of quality and service experience for every customer. This will include mentoring the Sales and Marketing team to achieve company goals, as well as personal goals. When not involved in produce, Kraig keeps busy with his wife and family through a variety of sports and outdoor activities, including coaching his daughter’s soccer team and supporting his son’s Boy Scout Troop as an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Favorite Quote: “With great partners you can do great things”- Kraig Loomis.

mobile: (714) 393-9288

Christine Connell

Export Sales Manager

Christine’s love for traveling abroad started when she was very young. Born in the Philippines, Christine’s father worked for the airlines and her family traveled extensively. Following college graduation, she began to pursue a career in marketing and sales. Christine has been marketing produce internationally for over 30 years. She has experience in exporting both fruits and vegetables to Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australia. She has handled apples, oranges, grapes, lettuce, celery and avocados to name a few. Over the years, Christine has forged many solid relationships with customers which now carry over into the 2nd generation. Her success in the produce industry is due to the strong connection she makes with people.

Favorite Quote: “Believe you can and you are halfway there” T. Roosevelt.

mobile: (469) 992-2120

Giovanni Espinosa

Sales and Logistics Support

Giovanni Espinosa’s interest in produce has grown to be a passion in the past 2 years he’s been in the produce industry. His eagerness to learn and attention to detail has propelled him to be an intricate part of the logistics and sales division at GreenFruit. With previous experience in sales and transportation at a blueberry and asparagus company, Giovanni brings a wealth of knowledge of various grocery chains both domestic and abroad. His family heritage hailing from Uruapan, Michoacán, Mexico, has not only made him fluent in Spanish but also familiar with the different produce growing regions of Mexico. The willingness to put the customer’s needs above all is what makes him a vital link to the GreenFruit chain.

Favorite quote: "From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life." -Arthur Ashe

mobile: (949) 386-0514

Jailany Betancourt

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

The newest addition to the GreenFruit family is sales and marketing coordinator, Jailany Betancourt. Her multicultural background has allowed her to develop a deep passion for international relations while traveling and visiting different countries. Jailany is fluent in Spanish and has developed strong planning and negotiation skills that will serve as strong assets to the team. GreenFruit is thrilled to welcome Jailany into their growing family and are excited to watch her career thrive in the produce industry!

Favorite Quote: “Do something today that your future self will thank you for” - unknown

mobile: (949) 386-0190

Bernardo Gomez

Global Operations Manager

Born and raised in the Salinas Valley and being part of a migrant family. Bernardo naturally became involved in the produce industry at a young age. Through the years he worked in the industry as a field laborer, grain inspector, field buyer and gathered experienced in many commodities such as wet veg, dry veg and fruits. With his experience and education Bernardo was able to focus in agribusiness, procurement and work for large retailers such as Safeway. His experience in the field opened doors for Bernardo in the international markets throughout his career and introduced Bernardo to other commodities such as avocados. Bernardo’s hobbies are spending time with my family and seeing them grow.

Favorite Quote: “It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it. John Steinbeck.

mobile: (623) 326-8585